FundzPark – Our Story

An advisory platform designed to help you plan your finances more efficiently & to get the best out of your investments.

Fundzpark will be an online platform for financial literacy along with fulfillment for investment and personal finance management, starting with the mutual funds product and with addition of other financial products consumed by an individual.  We empower the customer through learning, to be a self -serviced informed investor ultimately becoming his own portfolio manager. This is the cornerstone of our financial literacy program.

Our state- of- the art, fully automated, algorithmic based and artificial intelligence driven Robo advisory engine will provide recommendations of investments. Upon review the advisory engine will suggest automatic and dynamic re-allocation of investments into different asset classes.  Our customers will be provided with   e-invest support on the ground which will make the digitization process very simple and quick.  As value added services we will be providing filing of IT returns, legacy planning, wealth management and portfolio health check.

The fundzpark team members are proud to show that we care for our customers. We will strive to create a consistent process across the company for elevating service quality to the same level of importance as sales.  Fundzpark will focus on service quality for the   repeat business and higher referrals and soundness of financial advice. We will Endeavour to create a consistent process across the company and elevate service quality to the same level as that of sales.

While we expect our project to be launched in the next 3 months we welcome you to register yourselves with us and be a part of our family.

Vision of  Fundzpark

Every stakeholder feels that “Wallet Cares”, Every customer feels empowered to achieve his or her financial goals, Every employee has a sense of ownership and enjoys working, Every employee learns, realizes his or her potential to achieve outstanding outcomes, without compromising on values and ethics. Constantly enable a Do It Yourselves ecosystem with continuous knowledge and technology up-gradation.

Why FundzPark?

Lifetime FREE Account

Your investment account with Fundzpark is free-for-life. You can take benefit of our world-class platform without any additional cost.

Scientific Investment Advisory

Fundzpark is the only automated investment platform in India which use scientific advisory models and artificial intelligence to provide you simple, smart and scientific investment solution.

Full Automated Platform

Your convenience is important to us, Fundzpark provides you the convenience to open and manage your account online at click of a button.

Invest with professionals to achieve your financial goals!